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Use this form to submit an abstract or manuscript for consideration of presentation at a CSCP Regional or National Meeting, or for consideration of online publication on this website. 

The Declaration Statement, outlined below, and the Photo/Video Release, are both available as downloadable PDFs from the Documents Section of the website.

It is up to the authors to obtain Patient Consent from their local Human Ethics Board.

This Declaration Statement helps ensure that correct procedures have been followed when performing studies, collecting data, and presenting.  If there are any questions, please contact the National Office.

Declaration of this abstract/manuscript is accomplished by checking the box labeled "I/We attest that the above Declaration is true".

Individuals claiming authorship must have:
     -The capability to take full ownership of the material;
     -Contributed sufficiently to the
             -acquisition of data
             -analysis and interpretation of data;
     -Critically drafted or revised the manuscript;
     -Given final approval prior to manuscript submission.
Acquisition of funding, collection of data, general supervision of the research group, alone, does not justify authorship.  Ghost authoring is not permitted.
Manuscripts accepted for publication become the property of the Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion, and may be published in any form or medium, whether now known or hereafter developed.
The Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion, the editor, or the meeting coordinator, reserve the right to ascertain the contributions of the authors listed, and/or request proof of approval from the respective local research board or committees.

All authors attest that all of the following conditions were met:
1.    If required, approval was obtained from the Human Investigations Committee, Research Ethics Board, or Animal Care Committee.
2.    If required, patient consent was obtained for any personal information appearing in Case Reports/Series in accordance with local institutional guidelines.
3.    All funding sources have been disclosed, and any commercial or non–commercial affiliations or associations such as consultancies that may or may not be perceived as a conflict of interest are disclosed on the first page of the submitted manuscript.

It is the Guarantor Author's responsibility to acquire and maintain all required documentation for a period of five years.

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