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The National Entry-Level Competency Profile for Clinical Perfusionists was first developed by the Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion (CSCP) in 1996. Revisions were published in 2003 and 2009.

This latest version, dated September 2015, was developed to ensure that the profile remains current with perfusion practice and complies with the Guiding Principles for National Competency Profiles (March 2014) and the Template for Submission of a Revised National Competency Profile (March 2014) published by Canadian Medical Association Conjoint Accreditation Services.

Bylaws of the Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion

Regulations of the Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion

In keeping with the fundamental objective of providing the highest standard of care for patients, the Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion (CSCP) has prepared this document to:

  1. Set forth a philosophical approach to patient care that is consistent with that of the medical profession.

  2. Provide a general framework which identifies the scope of responsible and accountable practice for the Clinical Perfusionist to assist the physician in the delivery of optimal health care.

  3. Contribute to the development of standards of practice for perfusionists in Canada.

  4. Increase the awareness in the medical community of the unique role of theperfusionist’s clinical expertise for the cardiovascular patient.

  5. Define the term “perfusionist” in relation with other allied medical specialties.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion is to encourage and foster the development of the profession of Clinical Perfusion through education and certification, so as to provide optimum patient care.

Code of Ethical Conduct

A perfusionist shall recognize that the term “professional ethics” incorporates a commitment toservice, to competent practice and to consistent development for the benefit of the community. This code shall guide the conduct of the perfusionist in all circumstances.

Certification Exam Documents

Manual for assistance with preparing for the exam

The foundation of a sound examination is the Blueprint document. In general, the Blueprint document provides a summary of the content to be assessed (what is tested), the structure of the examination (the method by which the content is to be tested), and the context of the examination (the situations within which the content is to be tested). In this case, the Blueprint document is essentially the recipe that outlines all the ingredients and their relative proportions for the Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion (CSCP) National Certification Examination (hereafter referred to as the CSCP National Exam).

Reference list for studying for the National Certifying Exam

Publication Documents

This Declaration Statement helps ensure that correct procedures have been followed when performing studies, collecting data, and presenting.  If there are any questions, please contact the National Office.

If a person appears in any photo or video, then a release must be obtained granting permission to use their image.