1.     A candidate, who has successfully completed the prescribed course of instruction offered by an institution accredited by the Health Standards Organization EQUAL™ CANADA Allied Health Education Accreditation Program or the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs and approved by the CSCP Board of Directors, and who has performed 50 post graduate cases (see full requirements below) may choose to challenge the examination by completing the online application form and paying the approrpriate fee.

2.    The National Credentialing Examination is held each year in conjunction with the CSCP National Meeting of the Society. The Chair of the Committee on Accreditation, Competency and Examination (ACE) will notify candidates as to whether their application for examination has been approved by the Board of Directors.
3.     Candidates must be on the Society records as being a paid Associate Member in good standing at the time of application deadline. 
4.     This application to challenge the CSCP certification examination must be submitted to the CSCP National Office no later than July 1 (EST)  in the year the examination is to be taken. Applications received in the National Office later than July 1 (EST), will not be processed for that year.  No Exceptions.
5.      The application herein, must be complete prior to submission.  Candidates who anticipate graduating and fulfilling the case requirement after the July 1st deadline but before September 30th may apply for the exam in that year providing final documentation of same is received by September 30th.  Final documentation may be emailed to the National Office at that time.
6.     A passport quality JPEG format photograph of you must accompany your completed application form.
7.     All appropriate fees (payable in Canadian funds) must accompany your completed application. A refund will be granted if a written request is received not less than thirty (30) days prior to the examination. There will be a $50 administration fee charged for all refund requests granted.

8.     If graduation from an accredited training program is more than 12 months prior to the date of application to the CSCP certification exam, then 50 post graduate cases are required.  Please refer to Schedule C Regulation 1/2006 (5). A case report sheet must accompany each Application for Examination stating Hospital, Date, Surgeon, Procedure. This information can be uploaded along with this application.  Either Word or Excel spreadsheet are the recommended options for displaying the case information. Please ensure that each spreadsheet page is identified with your name.
*The case requirements are as follows:

First writing: (12 months post-graduation, or more) Fifty post-graduate cases
1st re-write in the event of failure: Seventy Five cases.  Cases must be dated later than the date of first writing of exam
2nd re-write in the event of failure: One Hundred cases.  Cases must be dated later than the date of second writing of exam
Case: Cases must be performed as the primary perfusionist, and include initiation, maintenance for more than half the total case time, and termination.
ECMO/VAD: An ECMO or VAD can count as a case provided that you either (a) initiated it and maintained it for four hours, or (b) you did a full maintenance shift of at least eight hours in duration.
Stand-by: Pump stand-by cases do not count as a case for the purpose of application for the Certification examination.