Apply for Exam

The CSCP certification is held annually in October and coincides with our National Meeting - AGM and Scientific Sessions.  

The next Exam will be held in October 2021.  The fee to apply is $750.00. You must be an Associate member of the CSCP in good standing to apply to the exam.

The deadline for application is July 1, 2021 - NO EXCEPTIONS

Before completing this form, please ensure you have the following:

1.  You are an paid Associate Member in good standing for fiscal year
      July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022) payable by July 1, 2021
2.  You have one of the following ready to upload

Official transcripts from your accredited training institution


A letter from your accredited training institution confirming that you will graduate from that program before September 30 in the year in which you wish to write (official transcripts must be sent to the National Office by September 30 via email or mail - no exceptions to deadline date)  

3.  You have a passport quality photo ready to upload (do not upload a picture of your passport)

4.  You have 50 cases documented and ready to upload (if your graduation from an accredited training program is more than 12 months prior to the date of the CSCP certification exam.)

5.  If this is your second attempt at writing the exam, that you have 75 clinical cases documented and ready to upload (from the date of examination in the first instance.) 

6.  If this is your third attempt at writing you have 100 clinical cases documented and ready to upload (from the date of the examination in the second instance.)

Please ensure all patient identifying information has been removed from clinical case documents uploads.

Clinical case documents must be in Excel spreadsheet only.  
Headings for document shall be:  Date, Procedure, Surgeon, Hospital
Number each case
Identify the document with your name at the top of each page.