Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Welcome to the Kingston Health Sciences Centre Perfusion Department! Our team comprises 4.5 seasoned perfusionists who collectively manage an impressive caseload of 650 cardiac cases, 200 cell salvage cases and 50 IABP insertions annually, including ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) procedures for patients requiring advanced life support. With over 90 years of combined experience, our team's depth of knowledge is evident and highly respected within all specialties and leadership across the institution.

We take great pride in our innovative spirit, having achieved five Canadian perfusion firsts in advancements to perfusion medicine. Creativity, cohesiveness, and expertise define our team, which includes members who have held National and Provincial presidency, treasurer, and secretarial positions for over 20 years. At KHSC, we prioritize work-life balance, allowing professional space and opportunities for growth.

Our team holds Perfusion accreditation specialist roles within EQual Canada and Simulation Education Certification (SimOne Canada), demonstrating our excellence in clinical coordination and ensuring seamless patient care. With Canadian Perfusion Certification and membership in the Ontario Society, our team maintains annual recertification to uphold best practice care and organizational safety.

Our responsibilities extend beyond extracorporeal life support, encompassing a wide range of procedures across multiple programs within the organization. From state-of-the-art open-heart surgery utilizing the Quantum Heart Lung machine to autotransfusion (Autolog) (obstetric, trauma, vascular) and intra-aortic balloons (CardioSave), we play a pivotal role in various settings, including critical care, transfusion medicine and minimally invasive surgeries. Additionally, we actively contribute to and author perfusion-specific research activities and staff education.

At KHSC, our perfusion department is committed to excellence, innovation, and patient-centered care. We are dedicated to advancing perfusion medicine while upholding the highest standards of practice. We welcome those in the perfusion community to visit us, discuss and challenge our ideas, and students to come to learn and help us in our mission to deliver exceptional cardiac care to our community and beyond.